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Let me weigh in on the Airia 2 as I bought it a few weeks after getting my Charge 3. It felt a little bit extravagant at the time of purchase but I was enjoying the data the Charge 3 was giving me everyday I thought this would help me track my weight. After using the scale for a couple of weeks I was sold on this Fitbit scale. It has worked flawlessly over the last 13 months and it's something we just take for granted now. It was a great investment and I step on it everyday and it sends my data automatically to the Fitbit App. I love this scale!

My wife and I both use this Fitbit scale every day and it will keep track who steps on and will record the weight to the right person. That only works as long as there is enough of a weight difference between the users of the scale. If not then when you step off you have to select your name by tapping the Fitbit scale with you foot. Either way it's a breeze to use and setup took only a couple of minutes. The battery life has been good with about 8 months on the first set of batteries.

It also keeps track of the weight of different users privately so only that person will see in the recorded weight in their App. I like using it for the weight and body fat as I keep track of those two numbers in my goals. It does keep historical data in the Fitbit App so you track your weight and body fat in graph format as well. Just step on weigh get off the scale and the rest is taken care of for you as the Fitbit scale will send the information to your App.

Fitbit scale weight
Weight Chart


Fitbit Scale BMI chart
BMI Chart


Fitbit Scale body fat chart
Body Fat Chart

Our family feels like this was a great investment and we have recommended this scale to all our friends and family. So don't delay this is a purchase that will not disappoint.


Summary of Features:

  • Measures weight, body fat percentage, lean mass and BMI - aria air syncs stats wirelessly to computers and 200+ leading iOS and android devices via a Bluetooth connection only
  • Syncs stats automatically to your Fitbit dashboard using Wi-Fi encryption and tracks your progress with simple, easy-to-read graphs
  • Recognizes up to eight users while keeping individual stats private. Measurement range- 4.5-180 kg
  • Easy Bluetooth setup takes just a few minutes with your smartphone. Operating temperature - 41 to 104 degree Fahrenheit
  • Modern, polished glass surface for a scale that looks stylish anywhere
  • Recognizes up to 8 users while keeping stats private which means your personal weight data is for your eyes only

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