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Published: May 3, 2020

Super Green Smoothie

My Favorite Super Green Smoothie Recipe

I started making this super green smoothie 10 years ago and this one became a favorite.

Mixing Instructions:

  1. Add water
  2. Add kale and turn blender on until you create a slurry
  3. Stop blender
  4. Add in sweetener of your choice
  5. Add in spinach - Start blender & work into a slurry again.
  6. Stop blender
  7. Add banana - Start blender & work into slurry again.
  8. Stop blender
  9. Add in lemon - Start blender work into slurry again.
  10. Stop blender
  11. Start blender - This is where I turn my Vitamix up to full blast and blend it well.
  12. Stop blender
  13. Add Ice - I set my Vitamix to low and let it blend the ice in well. Then crank the Vitamix to full blast for a few seconds.


  • I buy fresh and freeze all my ingredients. They keep longer but the main reason I like my smoothies really cold and this way I don't add a lot of extra ice.
  • I love my Vitamix, it is a work horse and you won't find a better blender - I put a link below.
  • If you freeze lemons peel them first, unless you are going to blend with peel. I don't use the peel, but I throw the whole lemon in, the Vitamix will take care of the seeds.
  • You can also buy the powder version of the kale and spinach


Organic USA Grown Kale Powder

Organic Spinach Powder

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